Track Manager Career Stats in FIFA18

An online application that enables you to track 15 years of career season data

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View players stats from past seasons including goals, appearances, yellow cards, red cards and overall ratings

Keep a log of all transfers made to and from your team for each season

Search the entire FIFA 18 database including Free Agents

All match results stored so you can easily review each season

Leep track of your league position, either after each game, or simply add the positions at the end of each season

Sort your squad by appearances, goals scorers, yellow/red cards

Simple, easy-to-use interface enables you to manage all aspects of your Manager Career

Built to work specifically for mobiles to it's handy to use while on the go and during the game

Simulate the data from your in-game matches and the application works out your stats

A simple interface enables you to replicate the data from your results, with a simple tick box system. The application remembers your last squad, speeding up user input

Transfer players quickly and easily between teams to replicate your in-game decisions

Buy players, Sell players, loan-in players. The application features a shortlist functionality so you can search the entire database of FIFA18 while away from the game and "shortlist" any players that may be a good fit for your team

An overview of all your player's season's stats.

All 15 seasons are safely stored so you can view past results, and analyse past player performance

Create your youth team seperate from your main team and promote players when you sign them

Keep tabs on those wonderkids. From updated ratings to clubs you eventually sell them to.

Keep track of league tables (on-going) or simply enter your final league table at the end of every season

It doesn't matter which league you play in, you can add any team to any league and store the data for analysis

SEarch all clubs worldwide and find those career gems

Discover the best prospects to help you on your road to glory. Search the entire worldwide database including free agents

Want to know who your top scorer was over the course of 15 years?

Club records allows you to track the entire history of all the clubs you manage

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